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The LearningMate Advantage

Learning Mate Profile

LearningMate is an education technology company, an instructional design and editorial house, a media design and animation studio and a world-class software company rolled into one.

Everything we do is designed to further the cause of teaching and learning in a technology centered environment – your classroom.

As  the worlds largest supplier of e-learning solutions to the education publishing industry LearningMate knows how to scale. As one of a handful of CMMI Development Level 3 Version 1.3 companies in this space LearningMate has developed world class processes to help you scale your product development from start to finish.

Since our inception in 2001, we have focused on education as our primary market. Today we have over 500 professionals
across three countries focused on solving complex learning, content and technology problems. This creates a powerhouse of ed-tech experience that we bring to bear on every customer engagement.


We Understand Learning | Technology is Our Enabler  

 We are Process Engineers| Our Efficiency is by Design

                           Scale is Our Raison D’être