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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Management Team

LearningMate was founded by a team of experienced eLearning practitioners at its helm.

They bring together backgrounds in education technology, software product development, and business development.


Samudra Sen


Samudra has a history of contributions in designing products, interfaces, engaging interactivity, and effective instruction. An alumnus of the acclaimed Industrial Design Center at IIT – Mumbai, his past includes significant work in the world of design and communications, before he channeled his creative energies into addressing instructional processes that help people learn. Prior to founding LearningMate, Sam (as he is better known) helped establish and manage the custom eLearning content development operation for Aptech Limited (later known as Mentorix). Besides this, Samudra brings a wealth of knowledge in management, processes, delivery, and implementation of eLearning as well as valuable relationships across the world. Based in Mumbai, Sam is responsible for guiding the vision of the company. In addition he personally manages LearningMate’s strategy planning and investor relations.


Mohit Bhargava

Chief Strategy Officer, LearningMate Canada (North American Region)

Mohit Bhargava, LearningMate’s face in North America, has worked the western side of eastern eLearning before the term was coined. Prior to establishing LearningMate in North America, he spent seven years at Aptech Ltd., where he helped define their US eLearning services strategy and contributed to their early success. In Mumbai, he was on the visiting faculty of the S. P. Jain Institute for Management & Research where he got chalk on his hands teaching real students in real classrooms. Mohit has contributed to well-known newspapers and magazines and has a background in technology, education, consultancy, and business development. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mohit manages LearningMate’s strategy for marketing and sales in North America.


Jolvin Rodrigues

Global HR Head

As a co-founder of LearningMate, Jolvin Rodrigues plays an active role in growing multiple areas of the organization. From setting up and leading LearningMate’s content business, to growing emerging markets in Higher Education, K12 Institutions, and Corporate Learning as the Head of the Academic and Professional Division, Jolvin is now focusing his talents on Human Resources. In his role as Global HR Head, Jolvin strives to maintain the culture and health of LearningMate across the globe, while focusing on creating a thriving work environment, building a solid organizational infrastructure, and ensuring LearningMate has the best Human Resources practices and processes in the industry. Prior to LearningMate, he worked in multimedia and online learning, while leading development teams for consulting and course development. In his personal time, Jolvin loves to sing and enjoys traveling to new places, while experiencing unique local cuisine. Having a bend toward the creative side, Jolvin appreciates anything that involves creativity, and his charismatic personality makes his role as Global HR Head a perfect fit.


Ganesh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

After graduating from Bharathidasan University, Ganesh began his career in education technology at Educomp Solutions. Early exposure to the potential impact of combining education and technology captivated his interest in the industry. Today, as CTO of LearningMate, he is excited to be part of an organization where he, and his team, can create solutions and services that help educate millions of users. In his role as CTO, Ganesh heads both the technology services team, who focuses on developing custom solutions for LearningMate’s clients, and the product development team, who pioneers content authoring and delivery frameworks that can be leveraged by clients to save time and money. His goal is to develop integrated, end-to-end technology and content services and offerings that help position LearningMate as a valuable partner to its clients. Ganesh is extremely creative, has a passion for technology, and loves any opportunity to create something new. During his time away from the office, Ganesh enjoys reading books, traveling, and when time allows, he likes to practice his writing skills.


Mihir Damniwala

Financial Controller and Information Officer

Mihir manages LearningMate finances and provides for all ideas and all the resources required. He is also responsible for ensuring that LearningMate has the most efficient systems in place for data gathering, analysis and reporting; helping decisions based on analytics, data measurement and sound logic. Prior to this Mihir headed the think-tank of the company and was in charge of crafting the best-in-breed solutions for clients and managing all critical bids for LearningMate. He was also engaged in active pre-sales support and consulting engagements. Mihir is a mechanical engineer from Mumbai University and an MBA from NMIMS. Before co-founding LearningMate, Mihir earned his spurs in Aptech’s eLearning division.


Nachiket Paratkar

Business Head & Senior Vice President of Higher Education

From his early days of heading the Project Management team, to overseeing the entire centralized project delivery and quality system as Head of Human Resources, Nachiket’s contributions have helped shape LearningMate into what it is today. While heading Delivery and Quality, Nachiket also helped LearningMate become CMMI Level 5 Certified, which is the highest level of process maturity awarded. Today, with over 17 years of experience, Nachiket leads the Higher Education business vertical as the Head and Senior Vice President of Higher Education, making him responsible for project management, vertical growth, and identifying new services to introduce and grow within the market. Nachiket is extremely passionate about customer experience, learning design, data analytics, and new technologies entering the higher education marketplace. He understands how strongly education can influence people, organizations, and society as a whole, so his desire is to personally impact the education space.  Nachiket holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Nagpur University, and an MBA from T.A. Pai Management Institute in India. He prides himself in both maintaining positive relationships at work and his ability to help others achieve success. Prior to LearningMate, Nachiket worked at Aptech, where he gained valuable experience in eLearning, computer training and education, and IT training. Outside of work, Nachiket likes to read books, cook, and when time allows, binge watch some of his favorite TV shows. He also enjoys spending time outdoors while hiking, biking, and photographing nature.


Prasad Mohare

Senior Vice President for Content

Prasad Mohare is the co-founder and Senior Vice President for Content at LearningMate. While he is responsible for all content development within the organization, he also manages a large global team consisting of visual and graphic design, media, production, and programming professionals. Within his division, Prasad works to develop innovative content ideas and solutions to improve the learning experience for both students and educators. His team is recognized as the first to develop a zero-defect product while participating in the IMS Common Cartridge Conformance in 2008. Prasad’s dedication to education stems from his family roots and is, in part, why he is so passionate about all areas of education technology. As the Senior Vice President for Content, two things are most critical to Prasad — ensuring he delivers a great customer experience and that his team’s interests are never compromised. Prasad earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Mumbai University, and completed graduate studies from one of the premier institutes, D.G. Ruparel. Prior to LearningMate, Prasad worked in media, animations, and postproductions before entering the IT field at Aptech. In his free time, Prasad enjoys spending time with his family while playing household games and watching educational videos. He is an avid fan of TED Talks, which he finds a source of motivation and learning, and he enjoys watching extremely funny videos of any kind.


Amit Soman

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Amit heads the Enterprise Solutions business at LearningMate and ensures that large scale engagements, development of products and solutions is completed on time and on budget for the success of our customers. He brings with him technical sophistication and business management skills to his work in addition to 18+ years of Software development experience in Education, Publishing, Transportation, Financial Services sectors.

Amit has architected, developed and managed critical education technology products used by millions of users for several publishers and edTech companies in the past. Amit was Head of Global Business Services (Finance, HR, Procurement, Legal and Real Estate) Applications for Americas region for Deutsche Post DHL before joining LearningMate. Amit has worked at, senior management levels at Aptech Ltd, Mentorix Technologies, LionBridge Technologies and American Express. Amit has a great track record of delivering simultaneous, top priority Multi-Million Dollar projects with teams in various continents and countries.

Amit is an electronics engineer from the University of Mumbai and MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management from University of Mumbai. Amit is based out of Phoenix, AZ

Abhijit Navale

Abhijit Navale

Director of Corporate Learning

As Director and Head of Corporate Learning, Abhijit Navale brings over 15 years of experience in learning and education technology to LearningMate. While he began his professional career in software engineering after receiving his Masters in Computer Management, Visual Basic, C++ from the University of Pune, Abhijit soon transitioned to working in the education and eLearning space. After six years as the Head of North American Business at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Abhijit now focuses on expanding and developing a new line of business solutions at LearningMate. He is extremely passionate about serving the Corporate Learning niché and feels that in order to succeed, one must become a specialist. It’s this mindset that drives Abhijit to be a specialist and bring a full-service spectrum of offerings to LearningMate’s Corporate Learning division. He is intuitively creative, passionate, persistent, and he prides himself in living a principally-centered life. Outside of the office, Abhijit enjoys spending quality time with his family, above all. He also has a love of entertaining, traveling and meeting new people, photography, table tennis, and the occasional binge watching of his favorite shows.