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Our Investors

Empower, Sustaining our growth stategy

Helix Investments is an India-focused private equity fund that provides growth capital to small and mid sized companies in India.


The fund’s objective is to work with dynamic entrepreneurs and management teams and provide them with the capital and strategic advice to support their future growth. Highly flexible, the fund invests in both private and public equity, though its emphasis is on private equity.

Where ideas and plans got the ‘green’

Our Investors

Helix has a research-driven philosophy and is focused on creating long-term value. Unlike most private equity funds, Helix’s capital has no expiration date. Helix Investments was formed in early 2007. The fund is sponsored by Culbro LLC, the private equity investment vehicle of the Cullman family of New York and by Bloomingdale Properties, a US based investment and real estate company. The Partners at these two entities have a combined experience of over 100 years in running various consumer businesses in the US. This operating experience is an asset to the companies that Helix invests in.