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Accessibility Compliance & Content Modernization

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Keyboard Navigation

Ensure content is navigable and product functions are executable using only a keyboard.

Reading Order

Structure underlying source code so content is presented and read in the correct and logical order.

Informative Text

Links are intuitive and usability is improved by providing proper context and action-based information.

Using alternative, hidden text, we convey the meaning of your visually displayed content, such as images or media.

Alternative Text

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Screen Reader Compatibility

Ensure screen reader guidelines are followed and assistive technologies can easily navigate and read all aspects of content. 

Color Contrast

Test content and make necessary adjustments in the contrast between the foreground (text or graphics) and the comply with WCAG 2.0 level AA.


Evaluate the responsiveness of text, icons, and other graphics while operating in various zoom settings.

Closed captions are synchronized with video and audio descriptions, including separate narrative audio tracks describing visual content.

Closed Caption & Audio Description

Context Reference

Tables are marked to allow learners to read column and row headers and navigate from cell to cell in any direction when in table navigation mode.

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

Ensure the accessibility of Web content and applications by adding semantics and other metadata to HTML content to make user-interface controls and dynamic content more accessible.

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Accessibility and usability is an integral part of LearningMate's development process. Whether starting from scratch or updating legacy content, LearningMate can help you enhance the usability and accessibility of your content, introduce processes to test and ensure accessibility compliance, and incorporate assistive technologies that provide the best experience for all learners.  

Accessibility Solutions

We leverage automated tools, including LearningMate's in-house Accessibility Testing Tool, to perform usability and accessibility testing. We work with special needs users to ensure we exceed WCAG 2.1 Levels for accessibility

Our Process

Our certified accessibility experts specialize in usability, instructional design, responsive design, content writing, and manual and automated testing. 

Pathways to Accessible Learning

LearningMate brings together manual and automated testing, usability practices, instructional design, responsive design, and content repurposing to enable an engaging and effective digital learning experience for everyone.


Evaluate compliance and make recommendations based on current accessibility standards and usability guidelines.








Our accessibility experts perform a full requirements analysis 

Instructional Designers & content writers create alt text, audio descriptions, instructions, and feedback mechanisms

Usability and accessibility experts design accessible layouts and solutions per current guidelines

Trained and certified accessibility experts develop and implement the solution

Accessibility compliance is tested and verified by actual users with special needs, assistive technology, and our automated Accessibility Testing Tool 


Rethink and rebuild your applications and content from an accessibility perspective 

As regulations and policies change, LearningMate continues to watch your applications and content and improve them over time

“We value LearningMate's participation in our content review process. Your recommendations for accessibility and usability have made our courses better and easier to use.”

“Excellent – thank you! I see that the UX changes have been made, and they significantly improve the user experience.”

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