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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

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Engage, deliver your learning outcomes

Today, technology is integral to the learning process.

The student’s interaction with their environment has changed radically in the last few years. Letters are passé, communication is now short, sharp and focused- thanks to SMS and twitter services; information of every kind is now accessible with just a click, and global shrinkage is rapid with real time interactions and social networking possible across the globe.

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Evidently, this change has also permeated the classroom. LearningMate endeavours to observe and analyse the impact of this changing technology enabled environment on the learner, and develop and deliver cutting edge learning solutions in the context of this new ecosystem.

Our learning content solutions are guided by your business strategy and perfected by an in-depth understanding of the cognitive processes and a deep understanding of the fast changing technologies that can be leveraged for enhanced learning.

Our solutions vary from creating structured learning experiences to immersive experiences that enhance learning and we use a combination of :

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  • Simulations
  • Scenario based learning techniques 
  • Collaborative learning
  • Game based learning
  • Social Learning Constructs

Combined with our deep understanding of technology, we deliver the above using the right blends of technology tools.Whatever the domain of learning – from K12 to Higher Ed, from Professional to Legal, and across geo-political and cross-cultural boundaries, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver relevant and effective solutions.

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