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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Editorial Development Services

Compose, Author your subject matter

Getting the best people to write your content and deliver it on time has its challenges.

LearningMate brings its experience of large-scale project management and process maturity to ensure effective management of the editorial process.

LearningMate offers the full suite of editorial services for all your needs, whether offline or online. Our services range from curriculum design, content authoring and assessments to providing the technical expertise for building appropriate authoring tools and setting up the assessment engines.

Person holding pencilAt LearningMate, our approach begins with understanding your business needs and the identified learning objectives. Keeping the focus on your target student/learner community, their class and cultural context and special needs, we ensure that our teams of curriculum designers and SMEs write to meet the defined objectives.

In order to ensure the relevant local and cultural context, LearningMate has a large network of SMEs and Curriculum Designers within the local geographies. Our rigorous method of SME identification checks for their domain understanding as well as their grasp of the nuances in the books that you publish. This makes them the best individuals to author content and create ancillary materials for such books.

Quality assurance and Validity testing is another aspect that is given vital importance at LearningMate. LearningMate carries out quality checks at different phases of the curriculum design and assessment authoring.

  • Accuracy CheckCheck mark graphic
  • Editorial QA
  • Proofreading

In the case of CAT adaptive and other assessments, an algorithmic check is also included to ensure accuracy and quality.

While we are adept at various authoring tools, we also utilize the standard Question and Test Interoperability specification (QTI), defined by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, to create test banks and assessments in a platform and technology neutral format.

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