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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Media Development Services

Enrich, Enliven your media startegy

A good media strategy is the crucial element that creates motivation for the learner and is responsible for effective implementation of the learning strategy.

If you are looking to create engaging, interactive and rich-media content, we can help. Whether it is creating animations to teach nursing students to learn nursing procedures, helping medical students visualize the anatomy of the body or allowing chemistry students to get an understanding of the three dimensional nature of molecules we have built thousands of such media assets for our clients that help their learners around the world every day.

Media on tablet

LearningMate’s offerings include design, development and production of Animations (2D and 3D), Graphic Assets, Interactivities and Audio/Video Production and all this delivered across multiple devices and platforms. Creating digital assets needs a close assessment of the media strategy to be used.  We work with you to understand the problem that needs to be solved and then design media in the context of that problem. The choice of media depends on the understanding of the learning objective.

We also help you upgrade your media library and digital assets and this could be to make it more contemporary or to allow the legacy media to play on the latest mobile devices. We also ensure that when we create media for you, we take into considerations aspects or scalability, flexibility and economics of creating large media libraries.

We ensure that we address the following aspects:

ICE media flow

  • Re-usability of the Media Assets. We design and break down the graphics and images such that these could be re-used again in the future. This ensures cost and time efficiencies and easy global extensions.
  • Automation and creation of Templates. When hundreds or thousands of interactivities or graphic assets have to be developed, automating the process and creating templates becomes imperative to reduce human error and facilitate quick production of such large scale projects. This is achieved even as the cultural and local context is retained.
  • One of our proprietary tools ICE for example, enables creation of interactivities from a simple word document. This simple process innovation allows large scale production of media development and authoring projects.

We have a team of Subject-Matter Experts across geographies that validate the content for its accuracy and local context. Our stringent QA process is initiated early on in the development process and determines our quality delivery within timeline expectations, for which clients acknowledge us.

LearningMate has successfully completed various projects of scale that are designed for extensions across gender, race and regions.

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