Corporate Learning

Delivering measurable results with effective learning design & technology

LearningMate partners with corporations and professionals to improve learning and performance initiatives using a combination of learning design and technology solutions. We’ll work with you to understand your organization’s learning goals as well as the geopolitical and cross-cultural factors that come into play. Then we’ll draw on our experience to develop engaging and effective solutions designed specifically for you.

Learning Consulting

Learning Consulting

Custom Content Development

Custom Content Development

Technology & Support

Technology & Support

We partner with companies to:

  • Develop interactive content that drives learner engagement & learning effectiveness
  • Evaluate, implement, manage and support corporate LMS systems & training administration
  • Design and implement effective and personal learning experiences through insights generated from learning analytics

Learning Consulting

For over a decade we’ve worked with organizations to identify learning needs and enable performance improvements that are aligned to their business goals. Our experts offer learning consulting services in:

  • Digital Learning Transformation
  • Learning Analytics
  • Learning Strategy
  • LMS Product Assessment
  • Technology Architecture

Custom Content Development

LearningMate’s custom content solutions are guided by your unique business strategy along with an in-depth understanding of the cognitive processes and rapidly changing technologies leveraged for enhanced learning. Our solutions vary from creating structured to immersive learning experiences using a combination of:

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Game-based Learning
  • Media Development (Animations, Virtual Walkthroughs, eDetailing & 3D Modeling)
  • Mobile & Social Learning Constructs
  • Scenario-based Learning Techniques
  • Simulations

Our frameworks including FROST, an authoring solution for digital-first learning content, and ACE, a content management and delivery platform for 360 degree learning experiences, offer deep system integration and add speed to your development.

Technology & Support

Corporations and professionals are increasingly partnering with specialized solutions providers to optimize their learning technology platforms and provide global support to users including both employees and partners.

There are companies who build systems, companies who build eLearning content, and then, companies who provide complete learning solutions. LearningMate is one of the few organizations in the industry that provides a unique blend of learning content & technology expertise.

Learning Technology

We have extensive experience in analyzing, selecting and implementing industry leading LMS’s to global enterprise customers. Our expertise includes:

  • Customization & Implementation
  • Learning Personalization
  • LMS Assessments
  • Migration & Consolidation
  • UX/UI Assessment & Enhancement

Learning Administration

LearningMate delivers improved processes, increased learning adoption, maximized technology investments and increased organizational efficiencies. Our solutions include:

  • Curriculum Catalogue Management
  • LMS Maintenance & Help Desk Support
  • Training Administration
  • Training Event Management

Learning Analytics

Our learning analytics allow you to capture learning effectiveness and efficiencies from the perspective of individual learners as well your organization. Our solutions study the impact of current and proposed learning solutions and include:

  • Customer Report Development
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Dashboard Development
  • Learning Metrics & Insights
  • Real-time Dashboards

OUR SOLUTIONS FOR Corporate Learning?

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