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XML Transformation Service

Transform, Deliver your multimodal content

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) has become the de facto standard data representation format for the Internet.

XML tag iconXML is useful for converting data or documents to several output formats. XML data can be processed and interpreted on any platform — from handheld devices to mainframes.

LearningMate’s XML Transformation Services transform and render print products into a variety of XML-based formats, including XHTML, XSL-FLO (PDF transformations), NIMAS, ePUB, Kindle, IMS CC and many more.

Once the content has been transformed into XML, it can then be re-used, stored, and assembled dynamically for on-demand publishing and dynamic display or deployed for consumption in content-centric applications such as a CRM system. Using XML and XSL transformations, publishers extract meaningful content out of existing documents and transform it into a chosen XML that conforms to a client-chosen schema.

We have enabled many of our publishing clients to convert their legacy content to XML as also author new content in XML to various advantages:

Information media diagram

  • Content for various disciplines that is stored in multiple formats such as printed textbooks, PDFs or word files and on different servers, is converted using XML transformation techniques. We help you design and establish your XML Schema is and create content tagging guidelines. Once, the content is `searchable’ and also re-usable it allows you to create and launch different learning products and courses on the fly.
  • XML transformation of text and digital products allows for single source publishing to multiple devices such as tablets, i-Pad etc.
  • XML transformation of existing print products is converted to a common XML Schema for a DocBook / E-book.

There’s a unique advantage that LearningMate’s processes are able to deliver to our clients –  substantial cost savings. Our `proprietary efficiency tools’ enable them quickly and cost effectively to convert their content to other formats as required in the future. LearningMate has successfully generated both time and cost savings of up-to 40% using these processes, for our clients!

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