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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions


Consult, Defining your learning stategy

Combination of Domain Knowledge, Engaging Content & Interactive Technologies help us deliver the perfect Enterprise Solution.

Customers save a great deal of time and effort when they can get services across the content and technology spectrum from a single partner who has deep domain understanding. LearningMate has what it takes to be that partner – pedagogy experts, instructional designers, information architects, UX wizards, animation and media experts, knowledge management gurus, mobile developers – all working together under a single roof for over a decade.

Offering the right blend of content and technology skills, LearningMate is able to deliver solutions that customers really want. LearningMate offers two kinds of services under Enterprise Strategies:

Strategy Development iconStrategy Development

As a Strategic Consultant, we work with your organization to understand your vision and business objectives in the context of the market, competition and possible avenues of growth. We then work to create the blueprint for the implementation to follow.

Strategy Deployment iconStrategy Deployment

Following this is the Deployment phase, where the solution has to meet the requirements of scale. Some of our customers can really tell you about what we come back with – both the plan and the execution.

Climbing arrow puzzleFrom helping design the complete blueprint of a statewide education system, or playing a key role in creating a Math teaching platform to helping a legal publisher create a nationwide information portal for practicing legal experts and building high end adaptive assessment systems that help medical professionals test their skills, our solutions have touched millions of learners around the world making it easier for them to learn and access knowledge.

“So whether you invite us right at the beginning, or somewhere in the middle, we will get down to the task and ensure a valuable outcome”