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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

LearningMate Enterprise Solutions, a US division of LearningMate Solutions Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona, is the leading professional education technology organization focused on providing state education agencies (SEA) and large local education agencies (LEA) with enterprise architecture, systems integration, software development, data and data warehouse solutions, dashboards, commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems implementation, and third party oversight (TPO) services.


  • Enterprise Architecture for Education Agencies
  • IT Systems Implementation & Integration Services (Enterprise COTS systems: SIS, LMS, CMS, SSO)
  • Instructional Improvement Systems (IIS) and Teacher-focused Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
  • Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)
  • Education Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & Dashboard Development
  • Third-Party Oversight
  • School Finance Systems
  • Implementation Services for Education Standards (CEDS, SIF, Ed-fi, etc.)
  • Vendor Procurement & Integration


LearningMate will lead an analysis of your current enterprise and systems architecture then work with you to create technology and process roadmaps to ensure alignment with your future vision and goals. Then we’ll build frameworks that map use cases, requirements and specifications to processes, technologies, and standards that integrate your systems and optimize your investments. Our experts will help you understand how to deploy a cost-effective and sustainable enterprise architecture framework that will improve your education business and technology decisions.

We specialize in:

  • Application Rationalization
  • Data Architecture, Governance, Standards & Integration
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Consultation
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Assessing Technologies
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Shared Application Strategy
  • Systems Implementation & Integration Services
  • Defining Paths
  • Process Development
  • Phased Approach Based on Funding & Implementation


There are many systems that impact the teaching and learning process—assessment systems, learning management systems, educator observations systems and professional development systems to name a few. Unfortunately, these tools are often disparate and isolated forcing you and your staff to endure numerous logins, create multiple reports, and develop various processes to manually connect activities and data into information you can use to inform decision making on instruction, assessments and resources.

LearningMate can help you develop and introduce an Instructional Improvement System that not only saves time and offers convenience by integrating commonly used systems; but also provides access to actionable data and meaningful support to continuously manage and improve educator effectiveness and student academic achievement.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Business Requirement Authoring
  • Educating & Training for Administrators & LEA Decision Makers
  • Implementation & Integration
  • District Training & Support
  • IIS Interoperability & Integration Expertise
  • Vendor Procurement
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Program Management

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) make it possible to track and monitor critical data on both students and teachers in one place—producing easy-to-use dashboards designed to offer insights into academic performance, curriculum needs, and instruction.

LearningMate can help you navigate the headaches of system integrations, education standards and more. We’ll work with you to connect your existing systems, optimize their communication using Ed-FI, CEDS and other data standards, and, finally, develop a centralized location where all system data can be directed, stored and easily exported for reporting resulting in easy-to-use data-driven dashboards.

  • Technology Vision & Delivery Implementation
  • Data Infrastructure Design
  • Data Warehousing Design, System Implementation & Integration
  • User Interface Design
  • Web-based Portal Reporting Services with Education Intelligence Capabilities
  • Usability Testing


LearningMate has been a pioneer in developing innovative and path-breaking education technology solutions and services since September 2003 for K-12, Higher Ed and Professional segments. The vision has always been to observe and analyse the impact on the changing technology-enabled environment on the learner to develop and deliver cutting-edge learning solutions in the context of the new and evolving ecosystem in education technology.

LearningMate has been a leading provider of end-to-end online learning solutions and services for education publishers, education technology companies, online schools, career colleges, local education agencies, state education agencies, learning sciences corporations, and non-profit organizations. LearningMate provides quality, innovative, scalable, and relevant education technology solutions, consulting, third party oversight, education technology & business consulting services as well as content services that create competitive advantage and new opportunities for its clients. We help our client organizations implement strategic initiatives related to the creation, management, and delivery of high-value education technology products, services and interactive learning content.

Combined, our vision, experience, people, and leadership in the Ed Tech space makes us the world’s preeminent organization focused on providing Third Party Oversight for large-scale, mission-critical software and systems implementations.


You depend on your School Finance system to facilitate collection and processing of data required for state funded payment to Local Education Agencies. Unfortunately, the process is a highly complex one—balancing ever-changing policies and district requirements with the pressure to uncover smarter funding practices. LearningMate’s team of experts will work with you to develop or overhaul your School Finance System to improve the way it collects student and financial data, performs analysis, apportions funds, and facilitates the completion and submission of LEAs data.

  • Defining & Mapping Payment Streams to Data Collection & Standards
  • Identifying Redundant Business Process, System & Tools
  • Assisting the Department of Education to:
    • Consolidate Payment Systems & Reporting Roadmap
    • Define Data Standards & Exchange Process
    • Re-engineer Business Process


Over the years, the districts and schools within your state have acquired multiple applications and systems to meet their various needs and functions. This means many duplicate systems were purchased—each requiring a unique contract and integration process. While the needs of the districts and LEAs were met, the purchasing power of the state wasn’t optimized.

LearningMate can help you develop a centralized purchasing strategy at the state level, allowing your LEAs to easily opt-in for services without having to endure the lengthy process of selection, negotiation and implementation. In the process, we’ll help you reduce the number of redundant systems and make it possible to share information seamlessly while saving precious time and money which can ultimately be put back into the classroom.

  • Research at LEA-level to Identify High-demand Opt-in Systems
  • Business Requirement Authoring Translated into the Statement of Work for the Request for Proposal
  • Evaluate & Score Vendor Responses
  • Analyze Vendor Costs & Participate in Final Pricing Negotiation Meetings
  • Conduct Vendor Management during the Implementation of the COTS
  • Assist DOE with Business Processes to Provide Opt-in Services Including:
    • Outreach / Sales
    • Quote to Invoice
    • Intergovernmental Service Agreement