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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Information Management Solutions

Organize, Managing your business information

Today the line has blurred between learning, knowledge and information management.

Whether you are a lawyer or a medical expert learning never stops and what makes it easy is ready access to information – especially in a dynamic world. We work on the process that converts Information to Knowledge.

Human brain

Information becomes knowledge only when the user can process such information easily.  We call it enabling Knowledge. We believe Knowledge is a process of the mind, where human Intelligence combines with Information presented well to become Knowledge. Our job is to make sure that we organize Information effectively to make it easier for the user to convert it to Knowledge. Our deep understanding of the cognitive processes of the human mind and the way the mind deals with information helps us design cutting edge solutions that create user experiences that are unique for our clients.

And yes, in doing this we touch and work with all the cutting edge technology that you can think of. From Content Management Systems like Mark Logic, Documentum or open source systems like Drupal and front end portal technologies, we have worked with all of them to create systems that scale and stand the test of time for our clients.

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