FROST is the first authoring platform that combines a learning object repository, deep content analytics and managed course development workflow. It’s one platform that transforms your digital content production end-to-end, empowering the daily lives of your Instructional Designers, Faculty, and Learners.

The centerpiece of your digital content infrastructure.

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Customize Taxonomy

Improve Content with Actionable Data

Search/Reuse Modular Learning Objects

Update in One Place

Publish to multiple LMSs

Apply Metadata

Track, Analyze, and Improve Your Content

With current LMS tools, the efficacy of your content is often a guessing game. How are students interacting with your content? Are they actually learning the material? What delivery method works best? In short, is it working?

With FROST, you no longer need to guess. We provide you with deep content analytics so you know exactly how your courses are performing.

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A Word From Our Customers

“FROST, as the backbone of our authoring and management process, has enabled us to quickly transition and strengthen our workflow to support next generation learning by leveraging our existing content.” - Brooks


FROST gives you a set of tools to effectively collaborate with your team of designers, editors, and faculty. Take control of your versions in one place, with one set of permissions across multiple stakeholders.

Assign Roles & Set Permissions

Add Comments & Flag Issues

Track & Monitor Changes

Create and Reuse Templates

Save & Control Versions

Managed Course Services

We do everything we can to ensure you successfully transform your content production and publishing workflow. Access a full suite of digital content services to fill gaps, make the transition and empower your ongoing content infrastructure needs. From course audits to LMS setup and migrations, we’ll help ensure success in your digital transformation.

Import & Publish

In our fast-paced digital authoring world, you are required to support multiple content formats every day. FROST’s easy-to-use workflow allows you to quickly import files and seamlessly publish to industry standard or custom formats in a matter of seconds.

IMS Common Cartridge

SCORM Packages


Custom Formats

EPUB for education

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