FROST combines creation, collaboration and content management tools with a highly customizable code base and an open integration model so you can focus on building great learning content in a digital-first workflow designed just for you.

The best part? Each instance of FROST is unique, so no one can replicate your innovations.

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How FROST Works

Import Files


Create a Project from Scratch

Assign User Roles


Set Permissions

Create Content


Publish as EPUB for Education & Deliver

A unique & protected workflow that’s 100% yours

Just as your content, workflows and products are unique to your business, each instance of FROST is unique from one customer to the next. We start with a foundational code base and create a unique branch that is developed for your road map and integration needs.

Secure Solution that is only yours

Create with Easy-to-use Tools

Upload Legacy Content

Drag & Drop Patterns into WYSIWYG Editor

Add Images, Graphs & Videos

Import Widgets & Assessments

Instantly Preview


FROST unites content development in a cloud-based workflow allowing users to collaborate in a virtual workspace, add comments, flag issues, track & monitor changes and easily restore erroneously deleted work.

Assign roles & set permissions

Add comments & flag issues

Track & monitor changes

Access real-time updates in a single thread

Save & control versions

Store & Manage

Digital content development requires agility and flexibility. To increase your speed to market and organization around content management, FROST enables tagging and storage of assets so they can be easily discovered and repurposed.

Global asset repository

Store, manage & search content & assets

Manage metadata, tags & taxonomies

Import & Publish

Import & Publish

In the fast-paced digital authoring world, importing and exporting files should be the least of your worries. That’s why FROST’s easy-to-use workflow allows you to quickly import files and seamlessly publish to industry standard or custom formats in a matter of seconds.

  • Custom formats
  • EPUB for Education
  • HTML5 or packaged content
  • IMS Common Cartridge
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