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Higher Education

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Next-Generation Learning

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higher education

LearningMate’s Higher Education team has deep expertise developing, curating, managing, and delivering high-quality digital learning and assessment content and products.
We leverage learning science and analytics to improve content efficacy, create development efficiencies, and enable pathways for new and emerging learning models.

content solutions

We collaborate with you to deliver engaging, innovative, and pedagogically-sound teaching and learning solutions that adapt to your new product models and serve next-generation digital learners.

tools & frameworks

Leverage our customizable assessment and content delivery frameworks to accelerate your product development and implement authoring tools that create workflow efficiencies as you scale quality digital content.


Engineer scalable and maintainable next-generation education and assessment platforms that deliver value to learners while integrating seamlessly with your product and systems portfolio.

We’ve partnered with HIGHER EDUCATION since 2001 to deliver…

Content Transformation

Digitize and enrich legacy content into courseware for new learning and assessment models including adaptive and competency based

Assessment Solutions

Author high-quality, adaptive assessment items across a variety of disciplines

Mobile Learning

Design and develop mobile enabled immersive learning experiences including simulations, case studies, and virtual labs

Workflow Solutions

Add speed and efficiency to large-scale editorial, media development and standards-based content transformation projects

Next-Gen Learning & Assessment Platform Development

Conceptualize, design and engineer next generation education and assessment platforms

Learning & Assessment Frameworks

Accelerate time-to-market with authoring, assessment, mobile, and adaptive learning technology frameworks

Authoring Tools

Integrate next-gen authoring and management tools to improve content development, discovery and reusability

Data & Analytics

Use data analytics to improve content efficacy and guide development decisions

Digital Infrastructure Management

Build effective infrastructure by identifying process and system improvement opportunities then using open and standard-based approaches to enable integration

Content Services

LearningMate draws upon extensive experience to help you develop high-quality, customized learning and assessment content. We leverage our deep SME (Subject Matter Expert) network and our internal design team to create great online experiences for instructors and students. Our standards-based content solutions incorporate best practices in learning design, editorial, user experience, media development, accessibility, and quality assurance.

Learning Design

Our content solutions are based on strong learning design principles that motivate and engage  students while optimizing the use of current and emerging learning models.

Children learning at computer

Content Enrichment

We create and map taxonomies and metadata to your legacy and newly developed content to improve discovery, management and reusability while creating pathways for new learning models.

Students at desk


We specialize in developing diagnostic, formative and summative assessments, and work with you to align your questions to discipline-specific competencies and standards.


Courseware Development

Our experts help you conceptualize, author, storyboard, and develop your next-gen custom digital curriculum and courseware and perform data analysis to improve its quality.

Media Development

Learning and UX designers, artists, and web developers deliver an immersive learning experience that addresses the widest possible range of learning abilities and accessibility needs.

Young people with tablets

Content Packaging & Delivery

As the world’s largest producer of LMS course cartridges, we package your content in a way that creates efficiencies and cost savings while promoting interoperability.



LearningMate works with clients to ensure their content and assessment items meet current accessibility standards. Our resources have expertise in implementing WCAG 2.0 standards and have enabled accommodations on various assessment products. Learn More.


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Framework and Tools

laptop screen Frost logo


LearningMate FROST combines creation, collaboration and content management tools with a highly customizable codebase and open integration model so you can focus on building great learning content in a digital-first workflow designed just for you.

Learn More

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Designed to add efficiency to your workflow, QuAD is an easy-to-use, collaborative tool for the authoring, management and delivery of assessment items & interactive widgets. It’s also equipped with preloaded templates and customizable workflows to support the rapid development of assessment items.

Learn More

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LearningMate’s specialized consulting, engineering and integration services for Higher Education combine to deliver more effective infrastructure, strengthened processes around capturing and utilizing learning data and integrated solutions that improve learning outcomes, reduce redundancies and deliver a more connected learning experience.


We help you conceptualize, design and engineer next generation education and assessment platforms using customizable frameworks that save you time and moneywhile gaining control and flexibility.


We conduct an architecture review to identify process improvement and system integration opportunities, then use standards-based workflows and APIs to enable seamless application migration & integration.


We design and implement learning analytics services to collect, federate, analyze and utilize data from different sources to deliver analytical, predictive or adaptive learning capabilities.


We provide training and knowledge transfer so you become self-sufficient in managing and maintaining your products and systems for long-term sustainability.


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