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LearningMate partners with the K­-12 education industry to collaboratively develop and engineer next-generation learning platforms, systems, assessments and content to accelerate your digital learning initiatives with specialized services, data models and customizable content and technology frameworks.

We help K-12 Curriculum Providers, Assessment Companies,
and State Education Agencies with…

Rostering & Single Sign-On

The effective and efficient movement of roster data into teaching and learning platforms is arguably one of the most important foundations of a successful K-12 product. After all, if you can’t successfully import educator and student information into your platform, your customers aren’t going to use it.

LearningMate has extensive experience implementing data movement tools using IMS Global OneRoster®, Ed-Fi’s Data Standards along with other industry-leading rostering solutions. Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and other standards-based APIs, we connect your applications to your clients’ authentication and authorization systems to enable seamless Single Sign-On.

Assessment Solutions

LearningMate helps you to go to market faster with standards-based formative, summative and benchmark testing solutions. Our technology frameworks add speed to the development of your assessment product while our authoring and content management tools allow you to quickly transform assessment items from one format to another or rapidly author new items using templates.

We can also help you power personalized learning models using analytics and reporting to guide the learning experience.


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education has changed the way science is presented and learned. The integration of science and engineering practices (SEP) with Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC) and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) demands that educational materials in STEM-related curriculum be taught, learned, and assessed using a combination of these dimensions.

LearningMate’s STEM team provides NGSS, SEP, CCC, and DCI expertise to help our customers ensure their curriculum and assessment programs meet and exceed K-12 science expectations. We’ve helped a variety of publishers and content providers develop educational materials that meet the rigor of these requirements. We’ve also assisted with examining and modifying legacy materials when project timelines are tight.

Accommodations & Accessibility

LearningMate works with clients in the K-12 space to ensure their curriculum and assessment items meet current accessibility standards. Our resources have expertise in implementing WCAG 2.0 standards and have enabled accommodations on various assessment products.

TEI Transformation

LearningMate’s Technology Enhanced Item development services help you leverage new item types that better assess student skills as well as provide assessment experiences that are more engaging and interactive. Whether you are developing products to support SBAC, PARCC or state assessments across the ELA, Math, Social Studies, Sciences or Career and Technical Education subject areas; LearningMate has the tools and templates to simplify the process of designing, authoring, developing and packaging these items for use in proprietary and prevalent formats, test/assessment systems, and learning management systems. We can also help you transform large quantities of legacy assessment items into TEIs that leverage new digital interfaces.

With a team of assessment specialists, instructional designers, interaction designers, and data migration specialists, LearningMate provides the tools and expertise to help you go to market faster with well-designed TEI items.

Adaptive & Personalized Learning

LearningMate has developed, maintained and supported several industry-acclaimed adaptive learning solutions. Using our technology frameworks, we’ve helped clients quickly go to market with customizable adaptive learning platforms and supported them with content development, tagging, transformation and migration services.

We have also implemented learning platforms that power personalized learning solutions including a one-to-one computing solution, which resulted in a 2.67 grade-level improvement for struggling readers.

End-to-End Course & Assessment Item Development

LearningMate helps you get quality digital learning content and assessments to market faster with full-service content development services. Backed by an integrated team of subject matter experts, learning and media designers, assessment specialists and instructional technologists, we work with you to define your project’s scope and sequence; map content to learning standards; develop storyboards; create assessment blueprints and author items; develop media including animations, simulations and videos; and provide user testing of all content.

Our assessment specialists follow a rigorous set of guidelines to ensure that each assessment item meets industry standards for the highest content technical quality. We work with a team of experienced item writers, who have been through an item writing training process and are either currently teaching the subject matter material or who have taught for several years.

Each item we develop undergoes several important rounds of review, including content, bias and sensitivity,editorial and final “fresh-eye” review. Items measure what it claims to measure (alignment of a standard), hold superior technical qualities, make sense to students, eliminate barriers and be accessible to all students, mirror classroom experience as closely as possible and meet all industry standards. We also provide services to several large content providers to package and transform assessment items from one format to another or deploy on various assessment delivery engines.

Reporting & Analytics

Data informed decision-making plays a critical role in education today.
LearningMate has extensive experience designing and developing analytics dashboards specifically designed for the needs of stakeholders such as students, teachers, principals, and administrators as well as content editors, developers and project managers. Starting with end-user engagement and the facilitation of focus groups, we ensure the data collected and generated by your systems is presented in a meaningful, actionable and engaging manner to stakeholders using single source of truth.We have built some of the world’s largest data and learning analytics solutions in the education industry; helping many stakeholders improve decision making through more accurate reporting. Our professional development and user experience teams specialize in high-performing systems that deliver high availability and support reporting systems with heavy usage. We are also well-versed in data security and the use of data standards such as CEDs and LRS.

Interactive eBook Solutions – Authoring & eReader

As the industry transitions from print to digital, there is an increasing need for solutions that address content authoring and distribution needs.

LearningMate’s technology accelerators help you improve the development and delivery of your narrative digital content with interactivities in a platform that is completely tailored to your needs. We’ll help you augment legacy workflows that are primarily designed for print with newer workflows that efficiently support digital-first ebooks using the IDPF EPUB or PDF format. We can support multiple page layouts and formats for delivery. Our solutions effectively support the realities of Internet infrastructure by enabling innovative content caching and offline capabilities for chromebooks and other devices.

We also implement EdTech integration standards to improve interoperability including IMS Global Learning’s OneRoster®, Common Cartridge®, Question and Test Interoperability® and Learning Tools Interoperability®.

Learning/Academic Standards

Learning standards are a critical component of the rapidly evolving breed of state standards used today. Yet, the current processes used to manage these standards are manual, inefficient and error-prone.

LearningMate’s Learning Standards Management accelerator helps you migrate inefficient, error-prone learning standards workflows into efficient, customized solutions that allow users to author, manage, publish and search accurate learning standards in a machine-readable format that can be easily consumed by other standards-driven technology platforms. Using the Learning Standards Management accelerator, you can manage multiple taxonomies including state standards and competencies as well as create learning progressions and curriculum maps.

Mobility & 1:1 Computing

One of the key challenges for educators or businesses enabling educators is to ensure that your content is served through multiple channels. The ever-changing classroom landscape requires your platforms to adapt to the new age connected classroom where students use a variety of devices. We have seen the industry embrace personal computers then slowly transition to tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones over the past decade.

Using our accelerators, LearningMate can help you build solutions that not only serve rich content but leverage the real-time dynamic nature of a classroom. This coupled with our tried and tested content caching, messaging and distribution strategies will help you build and serve content to students and educators using different devices on varied bandwidth. Our content sharing and collaboration tools enable small group instruction and project based learning in the classroom using devices.

Digital Learning
Infrastructure Management

LearningMate has helped several small, medium and large education companies leverage our accelerators and specialty services to integrate assessment solutions, learning management systems, content management systems, integrated authoring solutions, eBook engines, lesson and curriculum maps, learning analytics and dashboard capabilities into an end-to-end, fully integrated digital learning infrastructure. Using our technology accelerators, our clients are able to realize efficiencies, speed to market and cost savings across their entire application portfolio.


LearningMate understands how critical data security is for state and local education agencies. Our team has worked with many education entities to provide data governance and data security guidance. We’ve also partnered with education companies and curriculum providers to help them ensure FERPA and PII compliance for their products.

We understand how to comply with FERPA and its reporting practices. We can work with you to enable dashboards and strengthen reporting best practices. Our team can also work with you to audit your products to ensure compliance with all standards.

State Standard Adoptions

Currently there are 20 US states and 3 territories that undergo a state adoption process for K-12 textbooks.

LearningMate’s Subject Matter Experts are well versed in state-specific standards and can provide the specific correlation documentation and tagging that is needed for the adoption process. In addition, we can help you identify and fill gaps in your curriculum to match state-specific requirements.

Career & Technical Education

LearningMate’s methodology for career & technical education projects involves collaboration with our STEM, ELA, and Higher Education editorial teams. Our editorial team has vast knowledge of College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) as well as the applicable soft skills required for success in the workplace. We partner with our clients to develop curriculum and assessment preparation materials that integrate mathematics and ELA/literacy standards in real-world, work-related scenarios. These types of materials are used in various high school, technology, and adult education programs to prepare youth and adults for a variety of highly skilled careers that are in demand in the 21st century.

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Strategic Consulting

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Next generation learning businesses need next generation enterprise architectures and high-performing business processes. LearningMate partners with executives and senior managers in the education space to provide Business Strategy consulting, Technology Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions, core platform and content architecture, process design and automation, and long-term product roadmap consulting.

Backed by a team of education and business process experts, learning technologists and content specialists; LearningMate is uniquely positioned to guide your long-term strategies into sustainable business models that reduce costs, drive revenue and add to your bottom line.

Business Strategy, M&A & Market Intelligence
Product Roadmaps & Disruptive Teaching & Learning Models
Technology Strategy & Due
Content Architecture
Process Improvement
Business Strategy, M&A & Market IntelligenceLeading education technology firms turn to LearningMate to support their business strategy and M&A activity. We bring a specialized team of researchers and analysts to bear on key questions related to market trends, competitor and partner analysis. Going beyond traditional consulting firms, we are able to guide our customers with detailed technology readiness and product architecture evaluations that help establish baseline ROI, technology debt and total cost of ownership of a potential acquisition.

Product Roadmaps & Disruptive Teaching & Learning ModelsAs you build out new digital products and platforms that have potential to disrupt established teaching and learning models, you need a partner who understands product development – both print and digital and who can contribute to your evolving strategy. Whether it is platform development that supports multiple digital products, or creating a new version of a product for multiple geographies with constraints on bandwidth, security, data or governance, we are here to make you successful.

Our teams have worked in classrooms, state departments of education, schools and districts and have helped them and leading edtech companies build their content, assessments, digital products and platforms. We understand how to develop, support and deploy large-scale solutions including longitudinal data systems, rostering, student identity management, one-to-one computing, blended learning programs, remediation and personalized instruction and keep a close watch on emerging trends. Our customers trust us with their product roadmaps and we support the development of industry-leading education products for several large customers serving millions of users in the world today.

Technology Strategy & Due DiligenceLearningMate brings proven processes and tested methodologies to map your business processes to current technology assets, identify and address gaps those assets, and rationalize your application portfolio to provide you solutions on key issues of interoperability, scalability, and sustainability.

Our system integration services have helped create highly-efficient product and solution ecosystems and our comprehensive data strategy services have helped several organizations create a single source of truth whether these are publishers, edtech companies, departments of education or assessment companies.

Our work with executive teams within our customer organizations also extends to providing a technology perspective to prospective mergers and acquisitions. We help our clients assess the value of the technology stack and application portfolio they are buying into and understand the real costs of integration and ownership over time.

Content ArchitectureAs digital products become smarter and more complex the data models behind your content become increasingly critical to your success. LearningMate understands the rapid changes that are taking place in content authoring, tagging, storage, search, assembly and delivery and has helped guide several leading edtech companies implement efficient, reliable and scalable content architectures to power their growth.
Process ImprovementAs your business and processes grow and expand, we help identify operational challenges and implement processes and best practices that enable you to scale. Our experience working with edtech companies as well as clients at the state and district level has given us a 360-degree view of how learning content and products are developed and used. We’ve helped many companies streamline workflows around content development, management and delivery as well as transition to digital-first development models. We also create support and training models as well as professional development plans for your teams.

Engineering & System Integration

With system integration, application development and maintenance (ADM) and data services completely tailored to the education space, LearningMate helps you better manage the complexities of the ever-changing education IT landscape and control costs as you explore new initiatives, manage architectural and workflow constraints, and retire older applications and products. Learn More…
Interoperability & System Integration

Integrate and optimize your technology investments, reduce unnecessary operating costs and realize more value from your application portfolio with a partner who understands education standards such as LTI, QTI, Caliper, LRS, Ed-FI, CEDS, and Common Cartridge.

Digital Solutions Development

Unite accelerating frameworks with specialized content and technology services to create a compelling new product experience. Our ADM services help you quickly roll out new digital products while supporting ongoing development.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your applications are high functioning, error free and accurately support multiple users and devices. We perform manual, automation and performance testing to improve the effectiveness and quality of your products and systems.

data management & warehousing

We deliver meaningful data around student and content performance. Using industry best practices, processes and standards, we ensure the data collected by your systems is presented in an actionable and engaging manner.

Curriculum Design

LearningMate helps you develop high-quality, standards-based curriculum and assessment content using strategic, creative solutions and best practices for content accuracy and on-time delivery. Whether you are creating content from scratch or enhancing legacy items to support new learning or assessment models, we leverage our deep SME network, design team, and enhanced metadata to improve the instruction and engagement value of your learning objects while delivering improved functionality, user experiences, and accessibility.

Learning Design

Our content solutions are based on strong learning design principles that motivate and engage students while optimizing the use of current and emerging learning models.

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Content Enrichment

We create and map taxonomies and metadata to your legacy and newly developed content to improve discovery, management and reusability while creating pathways for new learning models.

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Courseware Development

Our experts help you conceptualize, author, storyboard, and develop your next-gen custom digital curriculum and courseware and perform data analysis to improve its quality.

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We partner with subject experts to write from scratch or align your existing content to standards in a way that brings great online experiences to life for students and teachers.

Media Development

Learning and UX designers, artists, and web developers deliver an immersive learning experience that addresses the widest possible range of learning abilities and accessibility needs.

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Content Packaging & Delivery

As the world’s largest producer of LMS course cartridges, we package your content in a way that creates efficiencies and cost savings while promoting interoperability.

TEI Development

We create standards-based, interactive item types supported by rich metadata to enable your transition to newer learning models that accurately assess student skills.

Assessment Enablement

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LearningMate helps you develop workflows, platforms, data models and digital assessment items to support your formative, benchmark, adaptive, diagnostic & performance assessment products.

Our frameworks and services accelerate the creation of new products to facilitate deeper learning, accurately measure progress and enable predictive analytics. We’ve helped many organizations transition to next-generation assessment models while improving their content and metadata management processes. We’ve also assisted with large-scale deployments of assessment products to thousands of students. We’ve helped others improve the quality and utilization of large-scale assessment data by engineering integrated data warehouses and facilitating best practices around data governance while also enabling adoptions of new analytics and machine learning models.

PLATFORM ENGINEERING & SYSTEM INTEGRATION We work with you to develop and maintain integrated, fully-customized assessment products and enable workflow efficiencies. Our work has supported the development of several industry-acclaimed adaptive learning and testing solutions.
ITEM AUTHORING With more than 1.5 million assessment items under our belt, we specialize in creating standards-based, engaging, interactive item types that accurately assess student skills. We align items to state standards and learning objectives and use metadata to improve discoverability and reusability as you deploy new learning and testing models.
ITEM TRANSFORMATION We use tools and processes to enable the rapid transformation and re-alignment of legacy items into well-designed TEIs that accommodate new standards and learning models. To date, we’ve transformed and packaged over 4 million online assessment items and aligned another 2 million to meet accessibility standards.
PUBLISHING & DEPLOYMENT Using standards like IMS QTI and LTI, industry best practices and streamlined workflows, we expertly package your content in a way that creates efficiencies and cost savings while promoting interoperability with proprietary and prevalent formats, LMSs, and test systems.
DATA & REPORTING We create high-quality data dashboards that help analyze and monitor learning and assessment performance. Our custom dashboards generate insights into learning gaps and students skill sets as well as inform review and revision cycles. They also enable newer assessment models such as adaptive or personalized.


LearningMate’s white-label authoring, management, assessment, mobile and adaptive learning frameworks serve as the foundation for your education solution, allowing you to incorporate your expertise and branding while improving go-to market time. Leverage our best practices, workflow efficiencies, customizable frameworks, expertise on interoperability & education standards and specialty services to realize speed to market, cost savings and differentiation—all in a shared IP model that puts you in control of your roadmap and future.

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We’ve packaged a full suite of classroom, collaboration, assessment and reporting features together with anytime, anywhere access via tablets, smartphones and PCs allowing you to select the components that are right for your product, customize to your brand and deliver a fully-integrated digital-first curricular product to your customers.

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LearningMate’s assessment framework combines all the features you need to develop and administer End of Course, Benchmark, Interim or Formative Assessments—all in a platform that is completely customized to your content, delivery and accountability needs.

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Our accelerators allow you to author, manage and publish various learning standards while leveraging rich reporting capabilities such as item comparison to specific state standards or workflow reporting to track items throughout their development cycle.

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Using accelerators, industry data standards, and specialty services and processes, we help you securely transfer learning data from multiple sources into a centralized system where it is comprehensively stored and used to deliver cleaner, more accurate reporting.

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LearningMate FROST combines creation, collaboration and content management tools with a highly customizable code base and open integration model so you can focus on building great learning content in a digital-first workflow designed just for you.

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