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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Life at LearningMate

Transcend, Unleash your latent talent

We want to do better than what we did before, to deliver more than clients would believe us to be capable of, and to generate a high volume of output through creation of new tools. So, definitely, “to surpass” is something all of us – veterans and rookies alike – at Learning Mate want to do.


Life at LearningMate

What appeals to many young people who prefer to join LearningMate over comparable opportunities, is the fact that there’s so much variety and challenge in the projects. The nature of the tasks is such that it calls for a great deal of teamwork, and this brings people together to tide over the hurdles and devise clever solutions within the timeline. Thus, the spirit of adventure, a sense of novelty, and faith in the capabilities of one’s co-workers  – these are uncommon elements that make up the excitement which they love to share.

ProgressionAs an organisation, the scale of challenge we undertake has been steadily going up, and this is something our teams at Learning Mate relish. Our ethos has the attitude to be ready always to welcome a challenging project. Complete predictability is not comfort for us, it is boredom. Our thinkers and doers love to sail in uncharted waters and discover ways to apply their current knowledge in an adaptive way to new situations. Clients have marvelled at how much faster, cheaper and more useful, our answers have proven to be. We enjoy surpassing our clients’ expectations as we have the minnow’s advantage even after these years, as there are some very big brand entities in our solutions space.