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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Case Studies

Impact, creating your success stories

Streamlined Automated Content Delivery

A leading publisher was challenged with getting a large amount of courses done within a short span of time.  The workflow that was being used was not optimized and LearningMate was called in to look into the problem and work out a solution that would allow for a seamless workflow and increase throughput times, thereby reducing cost and time to market.  The current process that was in place was often disconnected and inefficient that resulted in the client constantly missing timelines and exceeding budgets. LearningMate suggested automating...

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New Product Launch – Complete development of content and technology platform

A leading legal publishing firm wanted to launch a new product for litigators in the US that would assist them with accessing relevant data for their knowledge enhancement or litigation needs. Since the laws in the US are state specific, the product had to be accordingly designed and delivered with custom versions for every state. The challenge was to build a scalable system to deliver content in a secure manner across a wide customer base and also needed a mechanism to scale this in a rapid deployment of custom implementation across multiple...

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The first Indian Course Curriculum On a Proprietary Tablet Device

A leading Japanese electronics manufacturing MNC planned to launch in India, a tablet device bundled exclusively with high school courseware. The courseware was to be based on the National Curriculum Framework built on the NCERT guidelines (NCERT is the apex body for setting curriculum related guidelines in India). This was a pioneering project for the Indian market whereby for the first time the Indian curriculum was being built for a tablet device. Since the device and the delivery platform were also being built as we designed the content,...

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Multi-tenant, Federated LMS that integrates with the various LMSs of the publisher client’s customers

A leading publisher in the UK wanted to create a learning platform that would cater to a market that where their customers (educational institutions) had varied infrastructure at their end.  Some had an LMS and the need here was enable them to use their own LMS while integrating with the platform that the publisher was building.  In case the customer did not have an LMS they could be tenants of the platform that the publisher hosted and create their own learning space. The system also needed to allow for integration using Athens and...

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LearningMate QuAD : Question Authoring & Review Made Easy!

A leading global Health Sciences publisher runs a high stakes assessment business. In the high stakes assessment business, question authoring and management play a critical role. The publisher used an existing desktop based authoring application and wanted to replace that with a more robust workflow allowing for better control and release management of the questions that were authored by multiple people. LearningMate began with a consulting exercise to understand business needs, develop the roadmap, evaluate the applications landscape for...

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High Volume Course and Media Development- in shortest possible time!

A leading K 12 publisher in the US wanted to develop a minimum unit base credit-recovery e-learning course. They needed to make 12 courses across 4 disciplines for 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Given the volume of the content to be  developed they needed a fast, efficient and cost effective process. LearningMate started with a consulting engagement, which included analyzing the content type, the input files that were available, and identifying the gaps in the workflow process for the output desired. Post the study, LearningMate used a customized...

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eBook platform exceeds revenue projections

A mid-sized legal publishing firm in New York was facing declining text book sales due to diminishing library budgets. There was an ardent need for digital products that are user-friendly and meaningful – to arrest the decline and the solutions needed  to work on mobile devices like iOS, Android and Blackberry. To accomplish this LearningMate first defined a standard schema to represent all ebook related content. Following that began the development of a scalable ebook platform to support  lifelong customers. LearningMate also helped...

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A CAT Engine for adaptive testing, scalable to a very large user base.

A leading global Health Sciences publisher trained nurses and wanted to build a Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) platform that would simulate the NCLEX exam for nurses. The Approach had to be such that the platform had to integrate with all leading LMS systems in use by their clients. LearningMate built the solution using the Item Response Theory model for the CAT algorithm. The model was used to  build a system which would provide differentiated learning plans based on two factors (a) the result of a pre-designed diagnostic test and (b) the...

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A fun and interaction filled math game based model

The Math scores in a leading state in the US was not up to the mark and LearningMate was tasked with finding a solution that would help improve the average scores for the College Prep level. The idea was to create an online learning experience that would help the student learn math without the experiencing the cognitive load that is usually associated with the subject. The solution was to create a game based learning experience that would teach math in a way that was enjoyable. The design of the course therefore consisted of a series of math...

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Study On the Go! A Mobile and Mobility Solution

A leading global academic publisher wanted to build a scalable system to deliver learning content, including book content, audio chapter summaries, presentations, flash card presentations, quizzes and grade-books that allowed the student to download and study on the go! The features desired needed to work across mobile device platforms in varying layouts and form factors. There was also the need to support multiple books that a user may purchase over time. LearningMate designed the User Experience of the product from scratch, in collaboration...

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