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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions


Quad , GoCLass, Learning eXchange , SpellGuru

LearningMate has created a rich selection of ready-to-use products for multiple domains, based on their extensive experience across learning domains.

IMS GlobalGoClass

A powerful new tool for innovative teaching and inspired learning.

GoClass is a teaching application for tablet devices that redefines the boundaries of computing in the classroom. Connect with your students like never before, customize and fine-tune your lesson plans on the fly, engage students in new ways and continuously evaluate their understanding while you are in class.

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Question, Authoring and Delivery Tool

“Assessment authoring and delivery, unlike regular content management requires one to take charge of not only the content, but also of content behavior, for e.g. the way formative assessments work is very different from the way summative assessments would, even though they carry the same (or similar) content. To ensure high quality output, on-time, every time – means that the authoring processes should be optimized continuously. Optimal processes really need an effective tool that can automate them, bring in exponential scale efficiencies and improve reliability as well as traceability. This is where QuAD comes in.

LearningMate QuAD, in its default avatar covers all the aspects of authoring and management function groups in the assessments space. It also enables the delivery function group by allowing one to author the behavior of the delivered assessments.

The primary objective behind creation of QuAD was to craft a unified, comprehensive, secure, efficient experience for the assessment systems space. QuAD has matured to provide a solution that addresses the complete assessment systems pipeline, from initial content authoring to management to delivery.”

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