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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions


Facilitate, Deliver your learning experiences

There are companies that build systems, there are companies that build eLearning content… and then, there are companies that build complete eLearning systems.

LearningMate brings with it the experience in the domain and expertise in multiple technologies in one reliable package. Rather than just providing ‘response to RFPs’, we seek out your real need. And often, in the process, also identify needs that you may not have stated, risks that have yet to present themselves and optimization that may take someone else years to identify! This is what our dual experience of domain and technology does for our customers.

Engaged in continual R&D with a ninja team for the purpose, building our products as proofs of concept of the latest technology and then taking that experience forward to enable our customers with the result of our learning, LearningMate believes in thought and technology leadership as the way to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.Our engagement with customers is always consultative (whether we charge them for it or not!), preferring to call a spade a spade and suggesting the right mix of technologies that best suit their need. We have many grateful customers who will attest to the benefit of this approach.

Domain-specific technical knowledge such as the authentication systems within the publisher-world, web services and APIs provided by existing publisher-infrastructure, integrating with well established systems within the large publishers, typical databases such as Oracle, XML databases like MarkLogic, modern databases such as MongoDB – herein lies the LearningMate advantage!

We understand your legacy systems. And yes, we understand the Cloud too, definitively!
 Areas of Competence vs Supporting Services chart

Man with suitcaseProgram governance

It is not just offshore. It is governed offshore. The difference lies in how the engagement is managed, both locally and overseas, both strategically and tactically. Our experienced program governors are always from senior management. Our responsibility does not stop with managing an engagement, but is geared towards communication and management that set the tone for a lasting relationship. Whether it is managing enterprise-level installations or doing a quick-turnaround mobile applications, the level of responsibility on the delivery team remains the same – because, to LearningMate, every client is important and every engagement is a relationship!

Our onsite presence in the United States constitutes a hand-picked set of members of senior management and middle management, in addition to a highly mobile set of key account management and sales personnel. This ensures the right blend of accountable persons right where the action is.

Our largest enterprise engagements are successful primarily in the way that they are managed – actively, responsibly and early.

MeetingStrategic Consulting 

eLearning is at the crossroads with the need to urgently integrate forward-looking technology into the traditional learning domain. And then, there is the reform in Education Policy and Government initiatives to align with. Our clients, while enthusiastic about adopting technology, are sometimes not entirely sure of the specific road to take. How do you make the best use of existing assets and investments in the changing landscape? How do you maximally deliver to newer and newer devices and channels? How do you capture the youth market? How do you maintain complicity with standards and state reporting needs for funding? How do you win that grant? How do you enable the modern classroom and equip the 21st century learner and educator? Our clients have the right questions and at LearningMate, we have the answers.

We currently are in engagements that provide strategic blueprints to our customers in systems integration, launching into new product directions, learning analytics and virtual classroom enabling.

Man with ideaTactical Consulting

Our customers often come to us with the need to adopt new technologies, unsure of the path to take in unchartered waters. We are ready with answers (our R&D team keeps us ahead of the curve) and where the need is very specific, we quickly launch into a ‘quick Proof of Concept’ mode to find the best way forward.

Some of the areas where we frequently provide consulting of this nature are:

1. Delivering efficiently across multiple form-factors and devices
2. Server-side technologies
3. Media management – where to store, how to stream, how to manage, how to deliver to differently-abled networks
4. Building applications that are enabled via the cloud,
5. Enabling apps with offline/online/partial-online modes

Man with gearsMaintenance and Support 

We don’t just build.  We take care of what we have built and then, enhance it over time.  And we do that in the manner that suits the purpose. Maintenance and Support, we have found, do not lend themselves to cookie-cutter arrangements.  Each customer and each project needs a different kind of support.  LearningMate provides a unique Observe, Measure and Engage model of Maintenance and Support.  In this, we start with a short engagement where we study the support need of that particular project.  Based on the metric collected in that initial observation period, we suggest a longer term tailor-made contract that is specifically crafted to meet that specific project’s need.

Our multiple repeat-customers who have chosen to continue our maintenance engagements, grow them into newer and fresher developments and who have chosen an arrangement with LearningMate over internally maintaining it – all of which attest to a successful model.”

Management structureMultiple Engagement Model 

LearningMate is flexible in terms of engagement models.

We recognize that every company and every project has a different need.  To respond appropriately to the need, our teams are geared to work on a variety of models.  We work with our customers on Agile T&M, Modified Agile, Fixed Price and creative combinations of these.  Our teams may be ramped up, ramped down and reconfigured as required.  Often, our maintenance engagement models involve deploying part of the development team for support/enhancement, so that the learning and the momentum are carried through to the customer’s benefit.  It isn’t about models; it is about making it happen the best possible way!

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