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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions


Catalyze, Fast-track your development cycles

A company that brings in technology, editorial services and production capacity, is above all, a synergistic entity with each ‘department’ contributing to the growth and sustenance of the others.

The tool sets created as part of our Technology work serve as foundation and reusable components for our other projects as well as for projects executed by other groups within the company.


LearningMate ICE: Instructional Content Editor

TypingLearningMate’s hallmark efficiency tool that brought the convenience of WYSiWYG with the comfort of Microsoft Word is a favourite among our customers. Authors writing storyboards can author into familiar (and customizable!) Word-based offline templates, but preview them as if they were authored in HTML to see them exactly as they will be rendered in their final destination. Interactivities, quizzes, even eBooks can be completely authored into ICE.

This is a veteran tool, that has been developed and bettered over time, but we haven’t been sitting smug upon the success of the tool – we have been improving it and making it ready for the next wave of Authoring needs – ready to answer the call of the mobile delivery platforms! ICE now exports to a variety of mobile-compatible formats.So, your authors write once, then deliver it to the desktop, the tablet and the phone – in one go!

LearningMate ACE: Assessment and Content Engine

Assessments and Content are the lynchpins of this industry and it makes sense to have a robust set of services that provide for the typical and basic needs of these areas of work. Most assessments and courses have certain standard features, which are enabled via a framework called LearningMate ACE. The development timeline of most assessment-based and LMS-like projects gets cut down significantly by using ACE. Also, the time that is available is used to build value-added features rather than the plain-vanilla ones, which is better use of the customer’s money!


Development Processes

Process diagramThe industry is abuzz with the Agile movement and LearningMate is ready with skilled project managers to execute it as well. However, we don’t believe that any new philosophy necessarily immediately fits all needs. LearningMate chooses the most prudent project management and development approach that is consistent with the development timelines, customer expectations (or cultural preferences), resource allocation and the like. Whether it is Iterative Waterfall or Pure-breed Waterfall or Modified SCRUM, LearningMate uses the most expedient method suitable for the engagement, in consultation with the client.

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