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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Mobile Apps

Portable, Complement your mobility objectives

Mobile apps that are intuitive and user friendly.

If robustness was the cardinal element of the client-server era, scalability that of the web-application era, usability is the key differentiator of the mobile application era!  And LearningMate has a particularly strong team of UX designers in its midst ensuring exactly that. We understand that a mobile app needs to look pretty, but even beyond that, needs to function intuitively.  Our investment in design research and our focus in carefully hand-picking best-of-the-breed UX specialists who understand not just their users, but also best practice design principles and the technology that works behind all of this. A dedicated mobile team has been built and is aggressively growing and being mentored for efficacy in multiple mobile technologies.  The mobile practice has an R&D team all of its own, which points to the emphasis that is placed internally on the quality and leadership required from this line of business.

Assessment Engine

iPhone screenIt is not just experience, it is actual expertise that LearningMate has with assessment engines.

We have implemented assessment engines from very simple to highly complex, adaptive testing engines, with complex, cumulative item analysis logic. Our item management systems have been deployed in large enterprise installations, interfacing via web-services with other legacy systems. And those same item management systems lend themselves to mobile delivery as well! We understand authoring, delivery and everything about assessments in between. The choice of technology is yours; the capability is ours. In this space, LearningMate has always delivered with a wide flourish! In the Mobile space, LearningMate excels at building assessment tools with the optimal mix of usability, integration, offline availability, content update capability and reporting. Choosing prudently from Native Application Development, Hybrid Application Development and HTML5-based Application Development approaches, we consult to our customers on the most suitable way to build a lasting, useful product. Our reusable components lend us the ability to build quickly, deploy efficiently and quote reasonably – all benefits passed directly to our customers.



Laboratory mobile app

Any kind of interactivity meant to teach the user a concept or walk him through one is a widget.

Widgets may range from simple to very complex ones and we have a finger in each of those pies.  Our approach is to templatize what can be templatized and find new ways to build what cannot be.  Custom widgets are often complex and tend to be expensive.  LearningMate excels at finding patterns of work that can be optimized to improve productivity and gain cost advantages in this realm.

NOTE: A recent phenomenon is the sweeping move from Flash to HTML5.  Our publisher customers all have significant investments in Flash.  With enabling tools, code libraries and templates to enable quick and efficient conversion, LearningMate attempts to stay ahead of this advancing surf to pass on the benefits to our customers.

IOS and Andriod

Native Apps

One of our oldest supporters in the Education Publishing industry launched their Nursing exam preparation mobile product with LearningMate.

As we worked through their nascent ideas on utilizing native technology to invent new ideas to help students prepare for standardized high-stakes tests, the project evolved into a veritable ‘platform’ with an ever increasing list of features.  The success of this native application can be attributed to the Publisher’s foresight to be a market leader, while being also open to constructive suggestions from LearningMate , working in a partnership mode with us to bring out within a tight budget, a market-tuned product that generated immediate results for the investor.

Our approach to Native apps is one of caution and applicability.  While largely encouraging our customers to go the more flexible HTML-5 route, we routinely create Native wrappers or full-fledged Native applications where the device’s inherent capability is required.  Manipulating complex 3D images of body parts, interacting with animations using device-specific gestures, using video capabilities of the device etc. are instances where we have used Native code to enable the need of the customer.

HTML5 and CSS3Custom Apps

Our customers have their  own vision of the next killer mobile app for their audience.

 Our long-standing customers have engaged with us regularly to create custom applications in realms ranging from Psychology to Art to Science, Economics and Politics.  While  in some instances, they come to us with a clear set of specifications (often, pre-tested as a concept in the field),   in other cases, we work in consultation with them, operating as a sounding board for viability, cost and technology options, in addition with strong creative inputs and business possibilities.  Where these apps are derived from their earlier Flash-versions, we suggest alternative ways of addressing the same audience with new technologies and devices.  Often, this involves providing Proofs of Concept or design visualizations of suggested changes, based on which the avant garde thinking gets into high gear with our customers.  Our experience in building such apps have had a high rate of success, both in terms of confidence & relationship building, as well as in the success of the said apps.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile devicesResponsive Design

Gone are the days when design needs to be created multiple times for multiple form factors.

With Responsive Design sensibilities being adopted into the core of our mobile solutions design, LearningMate ensures that the cost-advantage of keeping design effort minimal is passed on to our customers, while passing on the design consistency and user experience benefit to their end users.


LearningMate takes a two-pronged approach to creating animations, depending on whether they are interactive or not.  Both ways, we have a body of work that illustrates our ability to create simple, medium and complex animations, whether they are from a legacy Flash source or from scratch.  Our two-pronged approach takes away the steep cost of creating animations from scratch, prudently choosing situations to do so, after carefully evaluating RoI to the customer.  In this matter, as with several others, LearningMate believes in the dictum, “Horses for courses”.


Courseware on the mobile device is a different ball game from courses on print, CD or web.  Content chunking, display, usability, tools – everything needs to be approached from the point of view of simplicity and goal-orientedness, when the form factor is restrictive.  LearningMate has created winning courseware for some of our large, delighted customers, who have come back to us multiple times for a repetition of the experience.


The eBook universe is an evolving and very exciting place to be in now in the Publishing and Education world.  From production of eBooks to new standards to platforms, tools and features to porting traditional book formats into eBook, a plethora of opportunities exist in this domain.  LearningMate, once again, takes a one-customer-at-a-time approach to addressing your eBook-related needs.  Our body of work and capabilities span anything from providing quick turnaround PoCs, template-based production efficiencies and conversion to exciting new custom eBook engines that integrate with your current infrastructure and bring to your customers more than just a page-turning experience.

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