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Innovative and Effective Learning Solutions

Web Apps

Extend, Build your learning systems

Whether it open-source-based systems or catering to .Net infrastructure or technologies such as Liferay (J2EE), we have it all in-house.

Taking courseware from book to web and then web to mobile platforms, building assessment engines, building/integrating with/enhancing learning management systems (LMS), working with CMS-es, building learning portals efficiently, creating learning analytics engines and reporting infrastructures – we have done it all and are continuing to build our repertoire as we speak.  We have infrastructure to set up, build and test most of the common commercial LMS-es including open source LMS-es like Moodle.

Browser tools

Application Development

A variety of applications are very specific to the eLearning space. Examples are learning management systems, assessment systems, content management systems and several combinations of the above.

To give a sense of the type of work done by LearningMate, here are some types of applications we have done for our delighted clients:

  • Enabling federated learning via a multi-LMS integration effort
  • Adaptive assessment engine
  • Building multi-institutional content-portals with the ability to scale readily
  • Book-companion sites

System Integration

The Publisher infrastructure is typical in several ways, yet, with each entity having its own specific implementations of standard operations like user management, subscription management, payment gateway preference and such.  Knowing these systems and having worked with them several times significantly cuts down on the time spent in communicating these specifics, learning the use of these APIs, handling typical integration issues and the like.  LearningMate is at a place of competence in this area that we now anticipate the issues that typically arise, ready with solutions for them and even suggest optimal ways of dealing with them even before they arise!  The time advantage of having “been there, done that” directly translates to quicker, cleaner deliveries and cost benefits to the client.

Our experience in this space helps us guide publishers and other eLearning players to navigate these aspects, for instance while helping them set up their digital infrastructure, mobile-delivery channels, multi-LMS strategy and the like.

Moodle logo

Moodle Customisation

We have worked on a range of Moodle customization projects.  Whether it is enabling a new Moodle infrastructure or upgrading a current set up to use the latest Moodle version, whether it is integrating it with an existing infrastructure or identifying the right set of components to go along with it, whether it is consulting on how best to use existing features or building complex building blocks to enable advanced features, whether it is choosing the best ready-templates for the purpose or custom-building a very specific layout and navigation to achieve a particular experience, LearningMate has done it all.  We even do Moodle on the Cloud!

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